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Our Solutions

Our Education Solutions


Organizations frequently have needs that are inconsistent with regular staffing. It is unwise for any agency to retain a regular staff member for isolated and incidental work requirements. Educational Dimensions, Inc. can respond to your management consulting needs as services are required.

Listing of Services Provided:

  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Grant Reporting, Staffing and Compliance
  • Contract Administration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Monitoring
  • Program Evaluation

Partial Listing of Agencies Served

  • TEAM Mentoring ProgramBowie State University, Bowie, MD
  • The Training Source, Inc., Capital Heights, MD
  • Tubman Elementary School, Washington, DC
  • Montgomery Mechanical Services, Inc., Capital Heights, MD


To maintain a high level of quality and efficient performance, it is often necessary to have an outside firm conduct an unbiased review of an organization’s performance and efficiency levels. These studies involve careful examination of an organizations’ management strengths and weaknesses of administrative operations and formulating recommendations for the improvement of service delivery.

Listing of Services Provided:

  • Performance Reviews
    --Administrative Operations
    --Educational Management
    --Management Procedures and Support Structures
  • Oganizational Reviews
  • Performance and Efficiency Studies
    --School Districts
  • Program Audits

Partial Listing of Agencies Served:

  • Browne Junior High School, Washington, DC
  • Sherwood Elementary School, Chicago, IL
  • US Department of Education Blue Ribbon Schools of
    Excellence Recognition Program, Washington, DC


Organizational reform and school reform are common initiatives nationally. Agencies across the country are attempting to improve their products, services and overall productivity and impact. Educational Dimensions, Inc. (EDI) understands the need and the challenge of on-going self-reflection and improvement and can assist you in developing and executing performance-based strategic plans.

Listing of Services Provided:

  • Designing/Facilitating Planning Process
  • Planning/Facilitating Meetings
  • Facilitating Consensus-building Planning Sessions
  • Developing Implementation Plans
  • Providing Technical Support
  • Monitor and Evaluate Programs and Operations

Partial Listing of Agencies Served

  • Advisory Board, Glenarden Health Center, Glenarden, MD
  • Randle Highlands Elementary School, District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Sherwood Elementary School, Chicago, IL


Educational research of the 1990s suggests that a major factor influencing improved student performance is effective staff development. A major area of concentration for Educational Dimensions, Inc. is the design and implementation of staff development and instructional support for teachers and administrators. All staff development and instructional support activities are designed to meet the specific needs of the school or school district and are aligned with the school’s defined goals and objectives.

Listing of Services Provided:

  • Job-Embedded Learning Practices
    --Collaborative Planning and Instruction
    --Examining Student Work
    --Developing Standards-level Assignments
    --Facilitating Professional Learning (faculty meetings, department meeting, grade-level meetings, team meetings, etc.)
  • Focused Study Groups with Action Research
  • Staff Development Planning
    --Align Staff Development with Student Needs/Performance
    --Align Staff Development with Classrooms (teaching and learning)
    --Provide Research-based, Demonstrated Best Practices

Discount Graduate Credits:

  • Catholic University

Partial Listing of Agencies Served:

  • National Center on Education and the Economy, Washington, DC
  • Council for Basic Education, Washington, DC
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA
  • University of Pittsburgh (w/ NCEE), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Camden Public Schools (Writing to Learn), Camden, NJ